Hel portrait Picture

Part of my final course work in character design. In this course we each got randomly assigned a character from either Greek or Norse mythology. I got Hel, ruler of the underworld in norse mythology (and I'm very happy with it). Our task was to develop these characters futher and create our own takes of them.

I decided to switch the story of Hel almost completley by placing her in a more modern setting. One of my biggest inspirations were Film Noir with its dark stories in melancholic setting and mystic atmosphere. I thought of those murky bars filled with smoke and slow paced blues and realised that it was a rather neat reference to the Hel's underworld Helheim. So in my version Hel is the powerful ruler of one of those kind of clubs; and like in the myth, she enjoys the shadows, both figurativly and literally speaking, and has a wast net of contacts to the "bad guys".

The tehnique used for this assignment was a bit out of my comfort zone and regular style. It's still heavily relied on a clear and thorough lineart but the shading and the colors have a more painted feeling.

This picture is my favourte out of the 5 I made for the final assignment. I'm not completley sure if I will upload the rest (or just some) of them.

Art: Matilda Hansson
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