Meet the Erinyes Picture

In my never-written-fanfic of what happens after Disney's Hercules, I invented a bunch of characters taken from mythology and put them in the story ^^

Here are the Erinyes (=Furies), underworld divinities of vengeance. Actually one of them (Alecto) is from the TV serie, where she represents Nemessis, the "demi-godess of vengeance". I prefered to make her one of the three Erinyes.

They have very distincts personalities.
Alecto is pretty much the same than the serie's Nemessis : she always want to "smite" and can transform her arms into weapons.
Tisiphone is more girly and romantic (in her own twisted way). In fact, she always wanted to be a muse (o.O)
Megaera doesn't talk much, but she's the most feared of the three. She can manipulate easily any mortel's conscience.

... Should I really put the mature filter on ?
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