Ra and Hathor Picture

So, recently I was reading up on my Egyptian mythology again, and decided to delve into a goddess I hadn't really looked at before: Hathor. Most of what I knew came from the whole Hathor/Sekhmet story, but it seems Ra and Hathor have an interesting relationship. Apparently, she was very good at cheering him up! By doing things like dancing around sans-clothes until he stopped sulking and laughed. After reading all that, I just had to draw her.

Hathor, by the way, was the celestial cow goddess of things like joy, love, motherhood, dance, and music. She also had connections to the Underworld: when a new soul arrived, she was there to greet them with a smile and the Ancient Egyptian version of milk and cookies. She was usually depicted with the sun disc between her horns and often had cow ears, even in her human form (as seen here).

So yeah. Ra and Hathor, having some downtime around midday.
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