Cerberus Picture

Okay, I've been looking at other people's art and view on what Cerberus looks like and almost all the drawing are either way off or overly cute, which drives me nuts, cause not only is he my most favorite Greek mythological beast, but he's Cerberus, the terrifying, bone crushing, guardian of the underworld who made sure the dead entered the underworld and never escaped and the living couldn't get in, not some adorable puppy! And that's just one of my own pet peeves, seeing monsters that are supposed to be scary and bad-ass turned into such cute things it makes you want to vomit. I mean, he was so terrifying that just one look of him would cause you to turn to stone or die. Another thing people get wrong is he wasn't just some three headed dog, He's was described to have anywhere to have 1 to even 50 heads, he had a mane of snakes, and he had a serpent for a tail. I mean, the three head version of him is cool, but it just gets old, it's not how the stories of mythology describes him, and it's way overused. So I did my take on my favorite hell hound, I tried going by as close to the stories and descriptions say about him as possible. It took forever to do all the snakes, but it was well worth it. And don't get me wrong, I thinks there's TONS of great Cerberus drawings out there, and I'm not saying my version is totally right and I don't like all the others, I'm just speaking my mind is all.
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