The Crypt of Cocytus Picture

Many years ago, when humans had begun to make their own colonies, the ten original demons- Hades, Phera, Minos, Rhadamanthys, Aeacus, Charon, Cerberus, Lethane, Mnemos and Parmissia- Created the underworld, the resting place for sinners. It did not matter if they believed or worshiped anything or not, as the humans had feared, but only if they do horrible crimes- Such as murder or betrayal. The seven sins also count.
Hades was appointed ruler, and it was said that he could not have children till he was about 1500 years old. He and his fellow demons were sent to the surface disguised as humans, punishing humans with the same thing that they had sinned with- Such as, if someone committed murder, they were murdered.
Hades, while the other ten reproduced, did a sin and fell in love with the human, Persephone- But turned her into a demon and made her his queen.

This picture is a picture of Parmissia, the gaurdian of the river Cocytus, where those denied passage to a gentler hell are left to wale in muck.
Poor Parmissia's crystal blond hair is died a red color from bathing in blood for 2000 years trying to keep humans from getting out. She is also blind from the heavy amounts of blood and also deaf from the screams- Being an earlier demon, she is not as invincible as later ones, that is why she is this way. But despite this, she still uses her other senses to keep others at bay, for she has developed bat like senses and can see sounds- She has trained herself to see the sounds she wants as well, so if someone tries to reach the bay, she'll see them despite the screams around her.

For those that know their mythology, this was heavily influenced by Greek mythology- HEAVILY. I like Greek mythology more than any other, so I base my personal demonology off of that. XD

Wow, long explanation- I am done! *flees*
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