Loki's Wives: Angrboda and Sigyn Picture

...aka, Loki's wives.

In Norse mythology Loki (the object of my fascination of late) had two wives---Angrboda, the Frost Giantess, and the maiden Sigyn. Strap in, peeps, this is gonna get LOOONG.

I took some ideas from the film Thor (ie, what the hell a Frost Giant should look like) and this is what I came up with.

Loki’s badass Frost Giant wife. Not much is said about her except that she is ‘fearsome’. So when I drew her, I was thinking full-on Celtic warrior queen. (My main fear was that she’d come out looking like a Na’avi!)

The short hairdo is a nod to my favorite action heroine of all time, Selene from Underworld. I’m still not satisfied with the armor design. I wanted it to look like she’d pieced together her own armor from stuff she’d found (possibly from vanquished Asgardian soldiers from long ago), since Jotunheim doesn’t exactly look like THE place to go for in-style armor (like Thor’s, Odin’s, or Loki’s, for example).

I mean, it looks pieced together, but I’ll probably give this another go with a different type of outfit.

Sigyn (or Sigrun, Sigruna, etc.)</u>

Loki’s other wife. While I’m not sure that Angrboda appears in the Thor comics, I think Sigyn does. (I only read a little bit, but I didn’t like the way her design was done or the character was written, so I went back to the original legend and worked from there).

Sigyn’s story never really says how she and Loki wound up together. In some of the legends, she was a Valkyrie at one point or another. She’s said to be very loyal and faithful, choosing to stay with an imprisoned Loki until the end of the world.

So when I went to draw Sigyn, I was thinking mostly of Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. Someone ladylike, courteous, and accommodating—but also possessed of a sharp mind all her own and a steely inner strength. While I don’t picture Sigyn as a warrior, I don’t think that one necessarily needs a sword in their hand to be brave or strong.

Sigyn’s aqua-blue eyes are a nod to Sophie Turner’s eyes, who plays Sansa on the show—they can either be innocent and lovely, or sparked with fury or steely resolve. The character could be read as weak, but only to someone who’s really not paying attention. Because Sansa’s awesome. But I digress.

I associate that pale blond hair with very young children (notice that it’s mostly kids who have that really pale blond hair naturally), and innocence. But because I didn’t want her coming off as too innocent, I refrained from giving her a pink dress. Instead, I opted for a soft peach and gold dress, with a bronze armband.

Any thoughts and/or feedback would be appreciated, as always.
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