Huldra dressup game Picture

Edit: This game has been remade into an enormous character creator here: [link]
Please check it out, it's a lot better than this one.

Yesterday on the bus home from school, I got the idea to make something mythology related. At first I was just planning to make a picture of Huldra, but then I decided it would be more interesting if I made a dressup game, because then people get to make their own huldra, and I'm pretty sure there isn't a huldra dressup game out there. So here it is.

The huldra is a creature from Norwegian folklore, and has a counterpart called Skogsrå in Swedish folklore. Huldra lives in the forests, and she often disguises herself as a farm girl, seduces human men and lures them into caves or into the underworld, where she keeps them as sex slaves for the rest of their lives, and if they don't satisfy her enough, she kills them. She's very beautiful, but also evil, and strong enough to bend a horseshoe just using her hands. She is also said to steal human infants and replace them with her own ugly troll babies. The only way to tell the difference between a hulder and any other beautiful farm girl is that she has a cow tail, and a hollow back that's like a rotten tree trunk, but she gets very angry if anyone sees either of them. The Swedish skogsrå often has a fox tail instead of a cow tail, so I added that as an option in this dressup game as well.

Now, if you want a certain character to be one of Huldra's victims, please tell me, 'cause I'm planning to add an option where you can have one of Huldra's victims blindly following her.

I wanted it to be simple, that's why there are only buttons here, to keep it from being messy. My first ever all-buttons dressup game, and my first ever dressup game where I just took a photo from my cellphone to use as a background instead of drawing it from scratch.
This dressup game was made in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, it took about a day to make.

And since this is a creature from Norwegian folklore, let me give you a small Norwegian lesson.

Skin - Hud (Pronounced like hood, except with a longer oo-sound)

Hair - Hår (Pronounced like whore... >.>)

Eyes - Øyne (Uy-né)

Mouth - Munn (Moo-nn)

Back - Rygg

Top - Topp

Skirt - Skjørt (Shuh-rt)

Accessory - Tilbehør (Till-bé-huh-r)

Beauty Spot - Skjønnhetsflekk (Shuh-nn-hétsfleck)

Tail - Hale (Hah-lé)

Done - Ferdig (Far-dee)

Edit: Damn, sorry, I didn't know it would turn out so small. = Click Download if you want it bigger.

Edit two: I fixed the size!
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