Demeter's Daughter Picture

Well I did this awhile back and it was for my best friends bday.... just getting around to posting it.

For those not familiar with Mythology, Demeter was the goddess of the Earth and her daughter was Persephone... and also the woman Hades chose as his queen. Demeter pleaded with Hades, begging him not to take her as she would never see her again. So he made a deal... Persephone would spend half of the year with Demeter, during which Demeter would make it spring and summer when everything flourishes. And then the other half in the underworld with him, during which she made fall and winter, when everything dies. I did my best to depict that concept LOL

Have a groovy one.

Queen of the Amazons by pee and eye. You can get her at [link]

DAZ Bats and morphing skull, not sure about the flutterbies, the star shes sitting on was free from RDNA I think.

Rest is painted and postwork
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