Inanna Picture

My father gave me the heavens
and he gave me the earth.
I am Inanna!
Which god compares with me?

I recently read the latest Swedish translation of the Sumerian texts about the goddess Inanna, and felt that I just had to try to draw her. I'm not so very pleased with the result, but at least it's something.

Inanna was the goddess of love and war, but she had a very versatile personality and was seldom content with the role she had been given. In the story "Inanna and Enki" she visits Enki, the god of wisdom, and makes him drunk to get him to give her more power and more knowledge. The most famous story, though, (and my personal favourite) is "Inanna's Descent to the Underworld".

I don't understand why Mesopotamian mythology isn't as popular as Greek and Egyptian mythology. Maybe it's partly because we don't know as much about the Sumerian society? There's certainly nothing wrong with their stories.
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