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In honor of Father’s day coming up I thought I’d dig into the mythology vault.

Dear ole Loki IS the father of three lovely little…. sunspots. Hel (corpse gal), Fenrir (wolf), Jormungandr (the derpy world snake) are all proof that Loki needs to be tested for some genetic deficiency… (Seriously ladies, you may fawn over him now, but consider the risks whenever you fly Air Loki… These could be the results).

Now, in my head canon Hel is the most like her father. She is brooding, cunning and suffers from feeling ostracized (smelling like a rotting corpse will do that). However, just like what his father did to him Loki tends to neglect Hel and pay more attention to the other two “children”. In all fairness, she’s the only one with thumbs, and she can take medicine without it being coated in peanut butter. Her desire to impress her father works to Hel’s benefit though, as she later becomes queen of the damned (well, Queen of the non-Val Halla part of the underworld… The part where all those who died of disease or old age go).

Fenrir receives most of Loki’s time and doting. In an ironic twist, Fenrir is very much like Thor at this age- headstrong, outgoing and incessantly happy. Loki continually tries to prepare this young pup for his future as the harbringer of ragnarok to no avail. It’ll take years and something truly traumatic to mold Fenrir into the death machine he was foretold to be.

Jormungandaraenrfwbmtlsekmhs is the snake who holds the world up. Thankfully, he’s pretty dependable and loyal. While he might loathe Uncle Thor, he is a genuine sweet-heart to those that matter.

/end head canon

*Also Sleipnir is not here because Loki is his MOTHER, not father. Tsk, tsk~*

art- Holly Hansel
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