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Drawn: 1/19/13

I have drawn! Or at least actually finished something during the mid of this creative rut.

Here be my little Goddess Hi'Naa going on her nightly rounds gathering souls and leading them to the Underworld, giving dreams, or causing death.

A chthonic Deity, she takes aspects from both of her parents.

Hi'Naa is but a Goddess minor in the aspect of the universe. She acts as a messenger for her High God parents and Higher Goddess sister, Nox and whomever else needs to send a message back to them.

She is worshiped by warriors, invalids, insomniacs, children; A Goddess of pleasant dreams and fulfilling sleep, a Goddess that leads righteous/suffering souls to the underworld, and a Goddess that gathers the dead on battlefields that have died an honorable death.

So.... she's around a lot! And a young Goddess at that, only in the million years' of range instead of the typical billion! XD

I tried to go for an Indonesian inspired attire for Hi'Naa here since her father has a South Asian appearance while her mother is a more tropical Polynesian flair.

XD Hopefully this works for her since I had a blast coloring in and using so many patterns.

And perhaps this shall help kick my rut in the gut!
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