Map Of Hades Picture

You might come back, because you might return,
again today, I wait for you.
You don't know, you don't know how much I'm hurting,
even as I sing this song.
If I were to chose between you and the world.
Even if everything is taken away from me,
if it's for you, I'll be alright.
Day or night, I'm thirsty for love; my unseemly promise to forget you makes me cry again,
can you hear me?
The only thing I want from you is you; without you, I can't do anything.
If you hear this song, please come back, come back...

A map of ᾍδης (the greek underworld, Hades) for a myth-inspired fanfic I;m hoping to start in the future. I needed a map of it so i could figure out what happened where, but I didn't like any of the ones I found, so I made my own, cause I have waaay too much free time and an overactive Imagination I'm awesome XD

It's also practice for a map of another Fic I'm planning, that has about ten chapters in progress (this one a mix of Tangled-original Rapunzel fairy tale-Anastasia-the swan princess) that I also need a map of to plot a journey.

Overview of the places:
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