The Drink of the Underworld. Picture

Well, we all know that Pomegranates are the fruit of the Underworld in Latin Mythology right? Ceres daughter Juno yada yada-- Well, I thought "hey, the Latin Club convention is comin up, I'll make up a poster and have it be of Snapple!" I said, pretty sure that my plan was flawless, but sadly, I had taken my teacher's word for them allowing some digital art in there... apparently not.

"Computer Generated Materials
A computer may be used to process text or to prepare labels for a map, chart, etc. Images from the Internet or CDROM encyclopedias may be used as part of a poster, map, chart, etc. However, a project may not be completely generated by the computer, printed and submitted, except for entry in the Digital Imagery Contest. For instance, a poster may not be designed and created on the computer, printed and submitted as an entry. Students may not, for example, print a map off the computer and enter it in the map category. Absolutely no computer games or generated cartoons will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact a State Chair."

And thus, The sarah promptly lost hermind and started maiming waterbottles again.

Neh- Bad day- Please just full veiw, and I know I can't spell 4 letter words well.

I should get more "Good Days" per week man.
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