Flower Picture

Little Greek mythology picture. i started a Perseus/Medusa onebut it was shit so I gave up XD
This is for *Dianae's new contest.

A weird take on the relationship between Hades and Persephone. You know the story - pomegranites, damnation etc etc.
Anyway, they were so in love. I mean, come on. Which would you rather: go back to your insane mother who's been looking for you in the corn husks? or stay with a pretty hot underworld God for ever etc.

YOU decide.

Anyway, I had a pretty strict idea of a colour scheme in my head which got lost along the way....>> but It turned out OK I think. She's meant to be vanishing to go back up to the real world but It looks more like she's both floating AND shitting daisies. XD

Oh christ. I really shouldn't have painted this in the dark.
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