Orpheus laments Picture

Orpheus, the famed minstrel who Greek myths say could charm any man, beast or even god with his music.
When his beloved wife Eurydice died, Orpheus descended to the Underworld and begged Hades to allow his wife to return to the living. Hades (who you can see here [link] ) was so moved by Orpheus' words and music that he was uncharacteristically moved to mercy, and for the first and only time agreed to release a soul from his domain. Eurydice would follow her husband back up to the land of the living, on condition that Orpheus did not turn to look at her while still in Hades' kingdom.
Some legends say he heard her cry out, others that he feared some trickery from the Lord of the Dead; tragically, Orpheus couldn't help but steal a glance backwards and Eurydice was pulled back into the Underworld forever.
The illustration shows Orpheus sitting at the gate to the Underworld, playing an endless lament unaware his fingers are bleeding.

(The good news is he was reunited with his wife when he died, the sad (sadder?) thing is he met his violent death at the hands of a wild group of Bacchae, women driven wild by Bacchus. (He's here in my gallery too: [link])

Sketch card (2.5 x 3.5 inches) in mixed media for the forthcoming 'Legends & Lore' trading card set by sadlittles.com.
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