Chaser Picture

Nothin' too fancy for good ol' Ruvascon here, just a glorified scribble that I wanted to share and didn't even have the decency to draw his clothes on.

This is Ruvascon (or Ruve), one of my tengu characters. He's sort of a really nice guy and big on travelling, and is chasing something called "The Washer," though he may not like what he finds. Ruve has also befriended a dying road, making him invaluable to certain people.

Tengu are a race in my Underworld, and though they share a birdish thing with the Japanese mythological critter of the same name, they are decidedly different. He's in full mode, four arms/legs and everything, though I could've given him a better mohawk/mane. |: also clothes would have helped, Tengu wear clothes like onions wear layers.

Included altered sketches to the right for some reason or another OH! because Ruvascon is deep black with a blue undertone but when I put him on white it was blinding (but I guess I really just felt like it. @[email protected];; ). He's like...7'5" tall in this form.
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