Zagreus and Persephone Picture

This is not Dr. Who fanart, sorry guys (Mayhaps later?)

The story of Zagreus, Persephone's son, is either just wierd or downright vicious (depending on the version you get). Mythology about a fertility goddess's son born in the underworld, and the dash to keep him alive, are dramatic enough for me to want to do artwork for.

If you do want to look up this story sometime, have a go, you'll finish it in under five minutes. It's a belief of mine that this is one of the stories that really defines how the Hellenistic Greeks saw humanity, contrasting later with a Orthodox view.

Stepping aside from the theoretical, it also shows that two very important gods (i.e., Zeus and Hades) become loosely interchangeble.

Persephone has such a unusual color scheme going because I'm a fan of Disney's Hercules, and Demeter looks similar to this (minus, you know, the attractiveness).

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