Snatched Picture

How I imagined Persephone, queen of the Underworld.

I love how her hair turned put but I had no idea what to do for the background so... here you go.

I know Riordan described her as having black hair, but I like her better as ginger! She and Hades are still my favorite greek mythological couple... It's nice to see the kinder, loving aspect of Hades rather than how they all portray him to be evil. *cough*Hollywood*cough*Movies*cough* Still, I don't like Riordan's Persephone... She was somewhat useless (COME ON. TURNING ENEMIES INTO FLOWERS?! that's so cliché even Disney used it!), but it's good that her effect on Hades shows.

And WOW. I compared this to my older Persephone drawing and... I'm rather proud of my progress in one year!

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