Cerberus Picture

We're doing an ancient cultures project in World History, where you can basically do any kind of project you want over any aspect in the cultures we've studied so far that interests you. It's very open-ended. Since I love Greek mythology, I'm going to do an illustrated and informative book (well, it's going to be protected pages in a binder, but whatever) on the creatures of the myths. Yep, I'm bringing my own little cartoony flair to the world of Greek mythology. I'm getting started early, before the project has even "officially" been assigned, because I hope to make the collection of creatures very extensive and I want to have plenty of time to work on it. Right now I'm just doing illustrations, but I'll cut them out and put them on a nice page with text soon.

I decided to try something different with the illustrations, more natural than computer coloring, but more exciting than colored pencils. So I took out my watercolor pencils that I've only used once since I got them for Christmas two years ago. I need work with them, especially with my brush control (stop laughing at my outside-the-lines coloring XD), but I rather like the effects you can achieve.

Cerberus is awesome, but did you ever realize how hard it can be to draw a creature with three heads and make it look natural?


In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the guardian of the underworld's entrance. He was a frightening watchdog, usually portrayed with three heads and sometimes with a dragonlike or serpentine tail. Cerberus watched over the souls that entered the underworld when it was their time, but never let them leave. However, certain heroes in mythology found ways to sneak past the beast.
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