The three underworlds Picture

I started this at about 7/8 last night, thinking it would just be a quick sketch in my sketchbook... ended up adding two more characters, taking a picture of it with my camera because I don't have my scanner hooked up, turning the ugly picture into lineart so I could colour it... and now it's... 6 am... and... I guess I went a little crazy... -_-;; Anyway, these are my three OCs now... the boy is named Hades (Named after the dude who controls the underworld in Greek Mythology), the purple haired girl is named Hel (Named after the woman who controls the underworld in Norse mythology), and the little green haired cutey is named Sheol (translates into "grave"- (It's the old testament's underworld. According to Wikipedia, it is "a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from God."))

These are just simply my favourite names right now... nothing else attached to it. lol. Other than it's cute. Two rulers of the underworld and... the underworld itsself.

Will draw them up as... NOT chibi soon... just... need... sleep...

Also, this is a style I've never tried before... I think I can do it well... and I'm going to draw chibi people like this from now on... I think. lol...

Portraits of OCs so far-----

Hel-- [link]

Sheol-- [link]
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