Entering the Underworld Picture

I read a story where a person had to journey into the depths of hell to rescue a friend and was mighty impressed by the description of the authoress so I doodled at the back of my notepad what it would look like and how it would feel like to stand on the threshold of hell.

The watchdogs stand guard on full hourglasses so that the sand never moves. I thought the jaws with sharp teeth were a suitable frame for the entrance, the serpents; one with it's fangs bared, the one eye and the watching demon statues leering above. Scorched barren earth, demons and souls being spewed out of the towering volcanoes and the engraving on the door frame of souls tumbling into the flames, some still clinging to others. Well, hell's supposed to be scary, neh? The one thing I kept from her description was the dead forest of souls trapped within trees. The damned souls were forced to relive the torment of their past lives endlessly and yet the person walking by could not touch them no matter how much they wanted to help. Never touch or eat anything in hell like Greek mythology would say.

One major downfall? Drew it on lined paper. >_< Edited out the bright orange lines in Photoshop and pieced it together as best I could.
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