God of the Underworld Picture

Hey look I finished something hurrr hurrr hurrr. /shot

so ya this is obviously NOT writing... but uh.. ya the painting had been sitting around for like 5 months as only a skecth and then 2 weeks as a painting lol so I decided to finish it. I must say it turned out better than I had expected since the ref picture I had was blurry and I couldnt tell what in the hell was going on in the top left hand corner with Osiris' claws. Also the light source wasn;t paticularly pronounced SO ARTISTIC FREEDOM.

This was one of my favorite seasons, just cos I love Egyptian mythology. I was kinda irked that 4Kids changed Osiris to Slifer (who is NOT an egyptian god but then again neither is Obelisk that I can find) I mean ya he's the god of the Underworld so it might scare the kiddies
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