Scandinavian Mythology Picture

Edit: Okay, description revamp after, like, almost four years. Let me tell you that Nighögg really was a SNAKE (not a dragon) in the book that I used as reference back then when I drew this. So blame it - I didn't have better knowledge about Scandinavion myths back then.

It's a big file... Full view or you won't see those millions of details. It's the A3 the original size...

About the Scandinavian myths with a little stylished style including Sleipnir, eight-legged Odin's steed, two ravens, Hugin and Munin (their names means thought and memory) - Odin's allies sittind on Yggdrasil's (huge ash tree, the tree of life) branchs, and squirrel Ratatosk, snake Nidhögg chewing one root of Yggdrasil in underworld Nifelheim, a huge Snake of Midgård which has wrapped around the whole world, wolf Fenris shackled and Thiassi (a giant who has taken the shape of an eagle - Thiassi burned at the pyre by Odin, who also sended Thiassi's eyes to the sky, to the two bright stars).

Sketched with pencils, inked with pure ink and paintbrush, coloured with colour pencils and finnished with little part of white ink.
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