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Maia and her genderbent version - Matthias

Maia was named after Maia the eldest of the Pleiades of Greek Mythology. [link]) She was also named after the star. [link]) The meaning of her name is "great" in Latin.

Matthias was named after the apostle in the Bible who replaced Judas Iscariot. (Say Matthias the German way...Mah-TEEH-ahs)

About this character:
Cousin of Dynus/Dynah. Due to past events became cold, ruthless and rather biased. Though this is true - the character is practical and clever. This character would rather not involve his/her self in the affairs of others that give no merit to him/her. Unlike Dynus/Dynah who has a talent for physical ability...this character got his/her from scratch...thus has a slight envy for those who have a natural ability to do certain things.

Though this character is sharp mouthed, he/she can show care for others...by nagging them to the right path <_<...
Why? Due to past events.

This character also loves to cook. The straw hat was made by this character as a kid.

Character is from Ragnarok Online
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