Centeotl Picture

Yesh Centeotl, the aztec god for corn, maize, or whatever you call it xD

Now start to adore him!!!

Centeotl (also Cinteotl), the Lord of Maize. He is also known as Xilonen, "the Hairy One".

Centeotl is the son of Tlazolteotl. His female partner is the maize goddess Chicomecoatl ("Seven Snake").

In Aztec mythology, maize (Cintli in Nahuatl) was brought to this world by Quetzalcoatl. It is associated with the group of stars today commonly known as the pleiades.

In the tonalpohualli, Centeotl is the Lord of the Day for days with number 7 (chicome in Nahuatl). He is the fourth Lord of the Night.

And im not sure whats the human sacrifice for his one, but im sure is a bloddy one >:3

And yeah is kinda simple but looks good for me :3
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