How to Build a Hermes Picture

"How to Build a Hermes"...a reference sheet intended for persons who are not myself, because I already know all this.
...With swanky commentary, for clarification.

Character Info

Hermes, known to the Romans as Mercury, is the Greek god of cunning, dexterity, and trickery. As such, he presides over messages, language, writing, eloquence, diplomacy, speed, athletics, travel, luck, gambling, commerce, thievery, guardianship of the home, astronomy, astrology, jokes, and any situation where different spheres are bridged. He serves as messenger of Olympus, and as the guide of departed souls to the Underworld.

Hermes is the son of Zeus (god of the sky, and king of all deities) and the nymph Maia (eldest of the Pleiades.) He was born and raised out in hicksville on Mt Kyllene, Arkadia, and was cheerfully lying, stealing, and sneaking around while still in the cradle, and then very promptly promoted himself to the Olympic Pantheon among the other most powerful gods.

Hermes wants nothing but to cause trouble, but he isn't malicious. Everything to him is one big joke, but he never stops to think that someone else might not find things as funny as he does. He's entirely concerned with getting, and entirely unconcerned with having, acting on every impulse he has. And with all of his boundless hyperactive energy, that's a lot of impulses to be acted on. He means well, though. Hermes is actually very affectionate...just doesn't always have the best way of showing it. And all he really wants is attention.

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