Born Under the Pleiades Picture

I can't talk about this picture without listening to this music [link] playing in my head.

Some people who are reading this may know that the Subaru's stars are the Pleiades. The Pleiades are part of the Taurus constellation. In the greek mythology, the Pleiades were seven sisters who were turned to stars.

Funny thing is: my zodiac sign is Taurus, and if you look at my name, you'll see that Broetto and Navarro have seven letters, like the seven Pleiades sisters.

Coincidences of life...

This, if you haven't notice yet, is a miniature of a Subaru Impreza Coupé. One of the few R/C cars I have, it doesn't work anymore.
Few scratches over the body, some stickers missing, same for the rear wing. Yea, I got this Impreza when I was a brat.
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