SM: Pleiades Sailor Alcyone Picture

What the hell. Been on a random Sailor Moon kick lately. No idea why, really - I think I've just been reading the kind of stuff to put my brain there.

So I figured, why not? My first attempt at a non-solar-system, non-Starlight senshi. (Mmm, technically senshi!Kairi counted, I suppose, but she was still Sol-style.)

This is Eleni Fotopoulos - otherwise known as Sailor Alcyone of the Pleiades. One of seven, under King Atlas and Queen Pleione. I'm still working on the full backstory and writeup for these girls. And whether they're anime-based or PGSM-based or whatever (though I kind of lost track of the PGSM plot somewhere around 'uh, Mercury's evil now?' )

The youngest and newest of the seven. As the sailor for the brightest star in the cluster, she's been given light powers. The feathers? Apparently the name of the star actually means 'kingfisher', or so I've heard. Still looking all the mythology up to get things straight - this crew are running to a Greek theme. Outfit was inspired by ancient styles.

I think GIMP crashed on me about 20 times when I was working on this. D: I think it's working for the Dark Kingdom.
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