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World (noun)
1. the universe or all that exists; everything.
2. the earth, or a planetary body like it.
3. secular interests and affairs.
4. the earth, it's countries and their inhabitants, all people.
5. the earth as known or in some political respect.

Some ancient beliefs that the world is born through the universe on the back of one or more enormous animals (such as a turtle in Native American creation myth), though these myths do not necessarily include an infinity aspect or multiple/endless layers of animals.

In Asian religious mythology, the Earth was born by three elephants
which stood on the back of a giant turtle, symbol of the primitive oceans. In Hindu myth, the tortoise Chukwa supports the elephant Maha-pudma, which in its turn supports the world. In Chinese myth the tortoise also supports the world, its four feet being the four corners of the earth.

Here is my modification of that old legends. World is all around us, around me. It's my country and my beloved city.
So... it's my world.

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