Gigan-Scorpio Picture

I should have waited till I posted my fiction piece but this has been in my head and I wanted to bring it out. I was thinking of my fiction piece into a series (if I'm not to lazy) that features the White Jinn feature here and her master. In the series they face kaiju inspired by real mythology from around the world. Most of them are enemies though a few are allies. The kaiju here would be the first. Here's its bio:

Name: Gigan-Scorpio

Gender: Male

Height: 280ft (85.34m)

Powers/abilities: Four large, powerful pincers that can shoot projectiles and over 1000 MPR. Razor sharp teeth and mandibles. Barbed tail with a hooked stinger that possesses a venom that can effect both organisms and spirit entities.

Myth inspiration: Scorpion man from Mesopotamian lore

Note: His back story (and that of other Kaiju) will be explained in future fiction pieces. If anyone can think of a better name for him, please share it and if I like it I'll give credit to you.

I may do a colorized and expanded version of this at some point. Please tell me what you think
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