Colors and The Northern Lights Picture

This was originally an assignment for Social Studies. We'd been learning about Greek Mythology and we learned that most myths are explanations for natural happenings. We had to pick a natural event use an antagonist and a protagonist to come up with an explanation for a natural event. I picked colors and the Northern Lights. I decided that I should post it up and see what everyone else thinks cuz god knows I have confidence in my poetry but I need a serious confidence booster when it comes to my stories. REMEMBER COMMENTS ARE MORE APPRECIATED THAN FAVORITES BECAUSE I NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR FAVORITING FOR! (seriously there are people who fave stuff for bad reasons.) So tell me what you think and please be nice. This is the first ever piece of literature that can be called a story that I've posted online to share. Hope you enjoy! ^^ Remember to ask permission before using my work. Thank you and happy reading!
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