Pegasus Picture

When I was a kid I had that Pink Panther game called Hokus Pocus (I think)
It was a really nice game that taught a lot about the world and all and it also had a part over ancient Greek mythology.
The game had beautiful songs for the characters and Pegaus was one of the songs.

I grew up over the Hebrew version of that same song, I wrote above and below him the lines that had the most impact on me (still to this day)

"נעצתי פרסות באדמה, ומשם נבע מעיין גדול. המים שם איני מאמין. כן המיתוסים תמיד משקרים.
ברצון את שתי כנפי אתן, אם אדע שאני קיים וחי
אצלכם אחייה בסיפורים, הו, דמיינו כמה מוזר זה מרגיש..."

"Well I kicked my hoof into the earth, from emerged sprung a great spring.
These water' real but am I not, I guess, myths were always entertaining.
I would trade my wings I fly, to know that I'm really real.
You can keep me alive in your storybooks, but imagine how odd it feels."…

Recreation of a moment from the game.
0.5 Mechanical pencil, copic markers and black ink 0.05 pen.
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