The Windigo Picture

Speedy and aerodynamic these magical creatures are often mistaken for deer. Their fawn colored fur is soft and when they shed their heavier winter coat in the spring the discarded fur can be used to create a soft, light, strong thread that can be woven into a naturally waterproof cloth. Slight ridges on their necks and crown cause a whistling sound when they run, caring their heads and flagged tails high.

Males sport a brightly colored hard plate on their foreheads that extends to the base of their elk-like nose. A beard can be found on older males, growing in starting at the age of three and continuing to grow as they age. Females, though they also have the two rounded and curved horns, do not grow a beard and tend to have a much daintier face than their male counter parts.

Mythology suggests that the Windigo is a cannibal who will devour anything in its path, including another Windigo. There are also myths that say its mouth is lined with jagged teeth and with its magic is able to change form at will.
One account states that a warrior defeated a Windigo by changing himself into a giant dog.
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