Titanio_Hybrid Picture

Titanio is a hybrid of a giant of Sardinia with a Native American Kachina fairy/spirit. Although the existence of these beings in the past is solely mythological, and is something debated amongst scholars, their presence in the myths of many cultures makes us wonder whether they have been purely fantastical in nature.

We find many variations of the giant myth, in Genesis, Nordic mythology, the Greek Titans, the Andean Viracocha, the Sardinian giant, Goliath, and even in Arthurian legend concerning Mt. Saint Michelle.

Variations of fairies also occur through many cultures. The Japanese Kodamas, the aborigine Wondjinas, and the Native American Kachinas are some examples.

Titanio is thus a hybrid of a giant and a fairy, friendly to humans, and a great builder. It is neither male nor female, is herbivore, and despite its weight, is able to fly like a ancient dragon.

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