Nie BW Picture

Trying not to be anal about the whole smooth-lines thing, banking a hard right and landing at a rough specky block-print look. Hmm.

More in the "mythological figure in modern times" thing. I dug up a bunch of Asiapac comic books I had that parodied Chinese myths, and there was one about Nie Xiaoqian.

Quick overview: She was a ghost that, when her ashes were buried under a tree, was accidentally put into servitude by the spirit inside the tree, and was made to kill anyone who slept overnight in a nearby temple. A tax collector (yeah, no wandering adventurer or swordsman or farmboy in this Chinese myth, instead we have a valiant taxman) called Ning rescues her and they later get married.

Of course, no one knows what happens then -- even if a ghost can marry and bear a mortal a son, does she age and follow her husband to death? I thought about a tiny mention in the Sandman: World's End book of a gravedigger that brought home a wife from the underworld "whose feet never quite touched the ground," and the ending in Stardust, and drew this design.

She's sort of the physical opposite of the Coat character, narrow hips and flat chest and skinny.
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