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since i forgot my tablet at home, i figured i'd do one of these just to show where exactly i draw my influences from :] it was fun to make this!!

in depth descriptions:

Gekidan Inu Currry: a recent addition, about...a year or so?? since i've discovered who these artists are, but oh man they had such a giant impact on me. from the witches from pmmm to their original works, their style is so eye catching and unique that i want to have a style just as unique as theirs. they have a lot of creative ideas as well, so i draw a lot of inspiration from just seeing their animated and drawn works :]

Okami: the art style and over all story of this game was really amazing in my eyes!! a lot of mythology and backstory was packed into the characters, and just overall...was a fresh,new experience. i don't think i'll ever be able to love a game like i loved this one <3

Keroro Gunsou+Other Assorted Anime: most of the anime i've watched inspired me, such as soul eater and pmmm, but none much like keroro. this was the first anime i watched online with subtitles, and i loved it to //bits//. i had an entire group of characters and stories just based around this show, and it basically kickstarted my love for drawing. my brother and i even used to have special nights called "keroro nights" where we watched random episodes on youtube from 11-12 with popcorn, and it's one of my dearest memories.

Maxwell Atoms: AKA the person who created "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", one of my favorite cartoon shows to this date. i his cartoony style. always did, ever since i started watching cartoon network!! i'll be rooting for him with his new upcoming show too, Dead Meat. keep on trucking, mr atoms!!

"flightfootwarrior": ...or,that was the name she went by on youtube when i first discovered her. she was a giant inspiration to me when it came to drawing,stories,animation...pretty much a lot. i used to spend hours just looking at her videos and drawings on youtube and deviantart, and it's been a pleasure to see my inspiration improve as well. her creativity just really sparked my interest in creating diverse and just as awesome characters. her dA account was
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