Tragic Villainess Picture

This is my interpretation of Angrboda, the Frost Giantess, as done in a style kinda like that of "Hercules: The Animated Series". (There was a crossover episode with Norse mythology, see.) It's not my best picture ever, but I like it, especially the fancy silver jewelry. And I wanted my DevID picture to be something of one female character by herself--but preferaby not a really trendy anime character or anything like that.
Why Angrboda? Well, because in at least one version of the myths I've read, I felt kinda sorry for her. That's why the mood of this piece. I mean, okay, so she's an eeeeeeevil Frost Giantess, but she _did_ have her kids taken away for no reason...
(This is also how I picture her looking, pretty much, when she appears in my Gargoyles story "Spellbound".)
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