Chronicles of Ro - The Warrior Ch.1 Picture

This is a project I've worked on for many years and it's undergone about a hundred transformations. It's an outgrowth of my fascination with heroes in mythology, the history of the ancient world and the many warlike societies that inhabited it and in particular, the Arthurian myth. The concept of Arthur coming in the time of Britain's next greatest need.

Thankfully, the novel is now finally nearly complete and ready for publishing. Just have to finish off the last few chapters and do some more proofreading (that seems like a constant process). I'll also be posting 2 more Chapters as a preview to the full novel and will post in the near future when it becomes available for sale.

If you have any critiques, advice, or questions, just let me know! I'd like to think this is my best work, but you guys can tell me where it may need work (aside from typos :/ lol )
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