Noppera-Bo Picture

And now for a segue into Japanese mythology.

This is the Noppera-Bo, a youkai from Japanese Myth. Let's look it up on our pokedex.

These playful spirits sometimes like to surprise passerbys by pretending to be their loved ones before letting their facial features melt away. - Original flavour text

Not too familiar with Kamigawa, so I'm not sure if there's already a creature based on this.

Basically the idea is that it's an illusory clone. Once you target it, it reverts to its true form. I consider this a drawback, so the cost is cheaper than normal clones (which are usually around 3U). You can also view it as a reverse-morph.

I got creative with how it loses its copied abilities. (Well actually it was inspired by me finding out about this rule interaction.)

Art by IamRocio
Magic the Gathering (C) Wizards of the Coast
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