Kodomo as Muso Kokushi Picture

This is Kodomo no Inari (c), literally meaning Child of Inari. He is one of the three main characters of my newest comic/book/manga/anime idea. He is the son of Inari and rather troublesome, ignoring his duties, fooling around, chasing women, making his father doubt his son's intellegence, that sort of thing.
As a joke the gods make him fall in love with a mortal woman named Leena Quain (c). Kodomo needs a mortal body for Leena to see him, so he becomes Muso Kokushi, taking the name of a monk from Japanese myth. However, Kodomo is used to getting any girl he wants, Leena is not like other girls, first because she's not aware of who or what Kodomo is, and secondly, she is a decendant of two goddesses, Ceres of Roman mythology and Brigit of Celtic mythology.
The title is JSJ, standing for 'Jikoko no danji Shoki komoku no Jo', translated loosely into The Man of the Protector of the East Desires the Woman of the Protector of the West (c).
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