Nidhogg Picture

This is something I did for my Art's major work at school last year (It's a photo). It's 1.2m in length and around 80cm in width, so it's big.
It's one of my first attempts at watercolors and honestly I shouldn't have done something on such a large scale, I both hate it (largescales) and also because I'm a beginner.

My concept was Yggdrasil world-tree from Norse Mythology and this piece depicts Nidhogg, the serpent/dragon that gnaws on one of the roots of the tree.
I want to attempt a smaller scale of this myth in the near future, hopefully it will turn out much better. Not because I'm unhappy with this one, considering the time we had to do our major works and the number of pieces I was working on, but because I love the myth
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