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Final version of my Olympus Overdrive OC. Full character description below.
Olympus Overdrive:

Oh dear god, that background... Simple version of her here -…
Olympian: Mintha, nymph of the Cocytus River (also Minthe, Menthe, or Mentha)
Human: Laura Rose
"Survey" filled out as follows: Name – Laura Rose; DOB – 6/8/90; Gender – F; Favorite Color – purple; Favorite Food – soup; Recent Prized Possession – derby gear; Favorite Song – “Karma Police” Radiohead; Desired Height – 5’7”; Actual Height – 5’6”; Are you happy? – No

Colors: black, green, white
Symbols: Primary - mint leaves, Secondary - broken heart, star
Combat Style: Melee - combination of roller derby moves and street fighting; skates allow for high agility & speed, pads & helmet provide some armor; hip & shoulder slams; body slams; spikes on wrist, elbow, & knee pads do extra damage; helmet facilitates head-butts
Personality: Meek, quiet, very unsure, easily put-down, unexpected outbursts of anger/passion

((Myth TL;DR - Mintha was a bitch, got her ass kicked by Persephone, turned into Mint, eventually escaped the plant, now lives in misery))
Mythology: Mintha was a nymph of the Cocytus River in the Underworld. She had wanted Hades for some time, and was not afraid to show it. Hades, however, was infatuated with Persephone, and well all know how that went down.
At first, Mintha stayed out of the way, but she was by no means pleased. As time went on, however, she noticed that the "lovebirds" were not fairing well. Persephone held much thinly-veiled resentment towards Hades, and he was becoming disenchanted by her beauty as her harsh, cold behavior towards him sunk in. Mintha struck during this time of weakness; the depressed Hades did not take much persuading to come to the warm love Mintha offered. They both knew that he simply needed affection and that this was superficial, but Mintha was determined to keep it up long enough that it became something real.
They first met in secret, but as Mintha became more confident and Hades became bitter towards Persephone they became less and less discrete. Mintha began bragging to all her friends (or anyone within earshot) about how she was going to steal Hades from Persephone, and clearly this meant that she was the more beautiful of the two (a stab at Persephone’s legendary beauty). Persephone assumed it was just a lot of big talk and ignored it...until she actually saw it for herself.
Persephone became furious with Mintha and attacked her. The fight was short – Persephone was a full-fledged goddess while Mintha was only a river nymph. As Persephone stomped on the defeated Mintha she began transforming Mintha into a plant (“a tinny, little plant, with inconspicuous leaves, so that no one will see you and easily step on you”). As this was happening, Hades could not help but feel bad for Mintha, and so he gave the plant a sweet smell that grew ever stronger the more one crushed it (he would have stopped the transformation, but one simply does not mess with an angry goddess mid-tirade). He did this knowing that it would make Persephone even madder, but also because that way whenever someone crushed the plant Hades would smell it and never forget what happened.
The Cocytus' banks became lush with mint, and the following spring Persephone brought a few of the plants to show off to her mother. The plant flourished above ground, and was used in funeral rites and food. Mintha’s spirit was completely crushed by her defeat, and she went into a deep depression. Fortunately, existing as a plant meant that she had plenty of time to learn to accept her fate, though now she was even weaker (spread out as she was). She became incredibly passive and unconfident, while harboring an icy craving for vengeance.
Eventually, she gathered enough strength to beg the Great Gods for help. Artemis was swayed by Mintha's genuine regret (and slightly intrigued by Mintha's desire for revenge). Artemis promised that she would release Mintha from her herby prison, but knew that she could not simply undo the transformation as this would cause all the mint plants to disappear, alerting Persephone to Mintha’s return. Artemis consulted Zeus, and pleaded Mintha’s case; fortunately Artemis was one of Zeus' favorite nieces so he agreed to help. Together they were able to separate Mintha from the mint plants by collecting nectar from the tinny flowers. Mintha was returned secretly to the Cocytus River, cowering and hiding whenever Persephone walked by. Eventually Persephone did discover Mintha’s return, but Mintha was now so small and weak that Persephone let her be (though not without teasing and torturing her whenever they met).
Mintha spent her days almost entirely alone. She had lost most of her friends after the fight, and the few who remained were turned against her by Persephone. Cerberus still liked her, and Charon was always polite (in his own way) whenever he passed by, but she was alone.

Participation: Being only a nymph, Mintha was not originally supposed to participate in the game. However, when she heard about it she petitioned Zeus to let her participate, on the grounds of wanting to prove herself, regain her status, and to get revenge on Persephone. This greatly amused Zeus, and on a whim he decided to let her play ("making things as interesting as possible").

Controversy: Is Mintha over Hades or does she still love him?
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