Ilmarinen, birth of iron Picture

Ilmarinen is the mythical smith and sky-god of old Finnish beliefs, he is the one who has forged the sky and attached everything on it with such a great craftsmanship that you can't even see the seams.

The birth of iron - in finnish folklore almost everything from fire to cats and trees and iron has its own origin story - is described as one of Ilmarinen's making too. Three kinds of iron - white, red and black - fell to ground from the breasts of three maidens in the sky, where they remained hidden, until beasts of the forest, wolves and bears, walked on the ground and dug them up.
Ilmarinen then collected those three types of iron and took them to his workshop, where he forged them to his liking - weapons and artefacts of use.

Inspiration taken from a couple of finnish new folk songs and some folk metal also.
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