The Tale of Fenrisulfr: Page Nine Picture

Second to last page for this myth illustration.


My last project in my mythologies class was to have a creative project based on a mythology that you liked, and my group chose the myth of Fenris. So I was selected for the role of illustrator! These were colored by another girl, but I think I'll give my hand at coloring them soon.

The title says "The Tale of Fenrisulfr". This was my first ever attempt at making a comic, so go easy on me! If you'll notice, some of the pages have been organized so that they're in runes. Clever, no? Also, you have no idea how frustratingly hard it was to draw as if it was line art; I didn't have time for my normal process. Never want to do that again! Give me messy sketches any day.

Only a few illustrations will be shown, because there'd be a lot of panels to upload. I'll only show you the best ones! References definitely taken from google and one of my art idols, Goldenwolf. Yes, group names on there. I don't have a digital editor on my computer where I could take it out, so no harassing those people! Any and all mistakes with the runes is entirely my fault, but I just used the alphabet I found online.
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