Angus and Pooka Picture

First of all, if someone here is a devoted celt and hates me for drawing, this, I'm sorry. It's just my idea after reading celtic myths. Secondly, I don't have a scanner, so sorry about the quality

Angus (or Aenghus, Óenghus, Aonghus etc.) is the god of love and youth in celtic mythology, and from what I've gathered, acts as the celtic equivalent of norse god of beauty and youth Baldr. I found a book called "Tales of Celtic Gods by Ella Young" from our library, and since Angus was first mentioned as "throwing the emerald flames around as a child plays with sand" I fell in love with hem - that cute, carefree fellow who was the first to start molding the earth and always sort of hanging in the background, laughing and singing.

The other character I liked was Pooka (Púca, Phouka, Phúka) and I think that the term has more widely been used as a name for many shape-shifting creatures. In the book I borrowed from library there was only one, and he seemed to hang around Angus a lot. And once he was described as a spotted deer, trotting beside his friend Angus, dancing and jumping next to him as he sang and laughed.
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