Apple Symbolism Picture

Things an apple symbolizes.

An apple is an icon of gravity in the filed of physics. The anecdote of Isaac Newton inspired by seeing an apple fall to the ground is well known; however the other conceived story of an apple hitting him on the head is rather apocryphal.

The apple is also iconic to education, being an item of schools, classrooms, and teaching.

An apple is an archetype in mythology. The forbidden fruit in the book of Genesis is almost always portrayed as an apple in Western art. In The Myth of Paris, a golden apple is a gift to the goddesses. In another work, Hercules is given the task of carrying three large golden apples.

Don't be offended that I called the story of Genesis a myth. Literally, a myth is a story that cultivates a principle. The word is colloquially used like it's synonymous with fiction, but it isn't.
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