Norse Sun and Moon Picture

This was written for my Myth and Saga in the Germanic Cultures class. There was a heavy emphasis on Norse mythology, and the prompt of the paper was to write my own myth or saga. I chose to write the story of the sun and the moon because it was hardly touched upon by the texts we read and the other sources I happened upon.

This story includes references to several myths, including the creation of the world, the binding of Fenrirswolf, the children of Loki, and the wolves chasing the sun and the moon in the sky.

The last is what is most used. In the texts that were available to me, it was merely stated that the sun and moon were chased across the sky by two wolves, but nothing was elaborated, so I chose to do so.

Yes, it's a little lengthy. I felt it necessary to get in all the details, though. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.
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