Goede-Tales of the world: Radiant Myth 2 Villain Picture

for those who don't know this game, if you thort by this picture that Luke f Fabre had gone awesome and stuff, you're wrong. this is Goede, the villain of Radiant Mythology 2. I only drew his face cuz his whole body includes a flaming scarf and a large skeletal right arm. both me and my mum find this creepy, so thankfully I only did his face. If he didn't have a skeletal arm as his weapon, but a bone based Sword, I would have loved this guy, reguardless of being a villain.

Anywayz, sorry for the bad quality, the scanner isn't too bril, and brightness is rubbish cuz I failz at trying to make it look like the version in my book, but I hope you leik! ^_^
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