Kitsune Picture

This is my newest character next to Dark. Her name is Kitsune. She is a nine tailed fox demon. No she was not based off of Naruto Uzumaki in anyway.

She was based off of the japanese myth of the white nine tailed fox. Or was it a myth? Well, I got it from a japanese mythology book, so yeah. -_-;

She looks basicly like a female version of Kimimaro from Naruto. In my opinion anyway. White hair, green eyes, pale skin, and red markings. Though Kimi-kun doesn't have as many as she does.

Even though Dark and her have nothing to do with each other, I feel as if they are siblings. She is mischevious and beautiful, and she needs herself a man! ;3

She is my ORIGINAL CHARACTER. Steal her, and I'll hunt you down.
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