Ciocci full-ref Picture

Full Name: Ciocci Fiori
Meaning: Cioccolato is the Italian word for chocolate and Fiori is the Italian word for flowers. It is a COMPLETE COINCIDENCE that her names match her parents' jobs. >.>
Preferred Name: Cici
Any reason for that?: It's easier for most people to say than Ciocci.
Birthday: November 14th. Don't do any math. >.>
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Age: 15
Age Appearance: 15
Species: She's 1/4th cherub, on her mother's side. (Mostly means she'll be on the short side her whole life and has a mildly round, baby-ish face. Not that you can tell in this picture -.-)
Gender: Female
Hometown: St. Valentine's town
Occupation: Cupid-in-training
Wanted Occupation: A cupid.
Backstory: Ciocci was born into a very loving family in a very warm community. Her father was a master chocolatier and her mother an excellent florist. They run a shop together and live in the flat above it. As Ciocci grew up they watched her eagerly for signs of magical talent along their lines (making chocolate and growing flowers, obviously!) but she never showed any. She could EAT all the chocolate in the house, but was unable to make it by age 3. Her parents tried to hide their disappointment but it showed a little.

When Ciocci turned 6 they discovered her empathetic magic. Her parents were thrilled that she had talent after all. As she entered school, Ciocci was able to make friends with several people because of her abilities and natural sweetness. However, her abilities made her a very sensitive person by nature and therefore made her an excellent victim for bullies. There were three girls in particular at her school who took advantage of this, terrorizing her psychologically.

Ciocci discovered her relationship precognition power three years ago as she started predicting her friend's relationships. This created a large group of people who bothered her a lot to tell if they were with the right person, and an even larger group who decided not to like her because "what does she know we're in love she's just jealous."

Last year Ciocci joined the Cupid Corps. Like Santa, Cupid COULD do all the work for his holiday on his own, but he is a slacker prefers to delegate, so he trains a small squadron of talented individuals to do most of the hackwork, relationship encouragement, for him. Ciocci's empathy and relationship precog made this a perfect position for her, and she jumped for it, considering that Cupid is her idol. And dream boy/object of huge crush >.> A lot of other girls in the town have a crush on him too!
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Allergies: Grapefruit, pear blossoms
Languages Spoken: English, conversationally fluent in Italian
Describe their voice: Soft but not quiet, on the upper end of a girl's register
Accent?: None, really
Personal Quote: "Everyone can find love."
Theme song(s)?:

>>Why are they going to the Academy?:

Hair Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Style and Length: Straight, down to her shoulder blades. She keeps it up in a half-ponytail most of the time.
Skin Color: Healthy pink
Eye color: Same as hair color, chocolate brown
How good is their vision?: 20/20
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120
Body Type/Build: Curvy, but not voluptuous
Measurements (Women): 34 C+, 28, 32
Abnormalities (Tail, Animal ears, fangs etc.): None, actually. Those wings are not natural, but a small pack that all cupids who do not naturally have wings are equipped with. : 0
Distinguishing Marks (Scars, Birthmarks, Tattoos, Piercings, etc): She has a birthmark on her back that's visible when she's wearing her dress but not her wings. It's a port wine stain in the almost-shape of a heart. Sort of. If you squint.
Self-Care (Make-up and whatnot): She usually doesn't wear any. She only will for nice occasional. Like, REALLY nice occasions. Like maybe her wedding.
How do they wear their uniform?: She wears a special knee-length skirt (she got permission from Mr. Kandi for her mother to alter it) and she wears the medium scarf, but tied in a bow.
What do they wear outside of class?: She likes to wear her heart dress, even though it's actually her cupid's uniform. xD She normally goes barefoot unless it's rough ground, especially if she has her wings.
Posture: She has decent posture, but she slouches some. Especially when she's sitting.
Default Expression: Smiling
First Impression on People: Really sweet and maybe a little quiet

>>How do they get along with….:
Their Mother?: Really, really well.
Their Father?: Really well too. Both her parents are very warm and loving, but she is a bit of a daddy's girl. Only by a little bit, though.
Their Siblings?: She has one younger brother who's 8 and inherited their dad's chocolate magic. Their house is a lot messier now.
Other Family Members: She has one uncle on her dad's side who delivers messages. And one cousin from that uncle who's 16. Her cousin can see people's Red String of Fate and can manipulate it, although he cannot harm/tamper with it. The main way this is different from her relationship precog is that she can just see if you'll end well with the person you're with (or, yes, if you'll end at all), while, given enough time, he can find your SOUL MATE, but can't say anything on individual relationships except whether or not they're your soul mate.
Bonus! What type of parent would they be?: Really sweet and loving, pretty fun, SMOTHER THE CHILD IN LOVE
>>Non-Family Relations:
Any Past Boyfriends/Girlfriends?: None yet,
Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none!
Hero: Cupid, her father
Favorite People: Cupid <3<3<3<3
Friends: She has a few, although like I said, many left her when her relationship precog kicked in and they didn't like what they heard.
Worst Enemies: The three girls at her school who tormented her
Pet(s): None : (
Desired pet(s)?: A fluffy puppy!!!!

Usual Mood: Her mood depends heavily on who she's around. If she's around happy people, she's happy, if she's around sad people, she's sad, if she's around angry people, she's angry. However, if she's all alone, her default mood is usually a chill sort of happy.
Positive Characteristics: She's incredibly sweet and kind. She loves helping people to be happy.
Negative Characteristics: She doesn't have a lot of confidence in herself. She vaguely remembers her parents' disappointment before she discovered her magic and the girls at school made it their personal mission to ensure she never thought good of herself. Many people abandoning her when she developed her precog enforced this.
>>How they Interact
Reaction to meeting someone new: Unless that person is exhibiting a strong negative emotion, lots of smiles and a friendly greeting
Do they work well with others?: Usually yes.
Social Butterfly or Wallflower?: A bit of both. She's very open to social interactions, but she generally doesn't start them unless she can tell someone is very lonely.
If they like the person: Extremely sweet, a little silly, always trying to help them out and make them happy.
If they dislike the person: Avoid them, since generally she only doesn't like mean people.
>>Behavior when feeling…:
Sad: Despondant, withdrawing, hiding
Happy: Bubbly, a little silly
Angry: She would be scary if she weren't about as threatening as a butterfly.
Afraid: Shrink in on herself, hide it from people, back into the corner/run to her room
Confused: confused??
Love: Kind of silly, definitely lets it take her over. She'll get very blushy. Very, very, VERY blushy.
Hate: This is rare, but see Angry
>>>How do they react to….:
Injury: If it's not to bad she'll probably just hold the area and wince. If it's really bad she'll either go into shock or start crying pretty intensely.
Danger: Trembly, probably running unless she can't or her friends are in it/still there.
Difficult tasks: She'll stick to it for a long time. Like, indefinitely if allowed. She has a puzzle in her room she's been working on for two years.
Death of Loved One: Extremely despondant, hollow, nonresponsive
Hugging: Oh, she loves hugs! She's quite the hugger. Huggy huggy hug
Kissing: O///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////O
Flirting: o////o W-what did you say?
Proposal to Marry: *dies* *witnesses say her face turned the same color as a tomato shortly before she keeled over*
Something Irresistibly Cute: *squeeeeees* *hugs it forever*
Loss of hours of work: Noooooooooo*flumps head to desk in defeat* *without moving head, slowly starts redoing it*

Sleeping Patterns: She's a little early-to-bed, early-to-rise
Hobbies: Umm, making chocolate with her dad, reading, hanging with her friends...
Can they dance?: Define "dancing". Also, no.
Can they play any instruments?: She can read simple music on the piano, but she's not very good.
Drink/Smoke/Drugs?: Nope/nope/NOPE
Criminal Record: She's clean.
Serious/Carefree?: She's as serious as the situation needs to be (and generally as serious as the people around her.
Superstitious?: Well, she knows at least SOME of the myths are true, so she wasn't very surprised to find out other stuff at HA. As far as "knock on wood" or "black cats" not a lot, but she does/avoids them if it's not inconvenient.
Dependent/Independent?: Fairly dependant.
Soft Spot/Vulnerability: Her confidence/her family
Opinion on Swearing: Well that's not very happy language, now is it!
Daredevil/Cautious?: Cautious
Comforts: Chocolate, fuzzy things, happy people, PEOPLE IN LOVE (seriously, if she's feeling bad (or even if she's not) she'll go find a sappy happy couple and just sort of stalk them for a while)
Fears: Failing at life, her friends being depressed, losing her powers in any way
Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do they possess?: Envy
Which of the 7 Heavenly Virtues do they possess?: Kindness, Generosity
Biggest Secret: How bad the bullying got at school. No one knows. Not her parents, not even her closest friends.
Special Abilities/Magic: She's an empath. She can completely tell what anyone within a 50 yard radius is feeling, and she knows who it is that's feeling it. Occasionally (unless it's complicated) she can even tell what the source is. The only exception is feelings directed AT her. (She can tell if someone is angry, but not if they are angry AT HER)

She also has relationship precognition. She can tell if two people will end poorly, end well, or end at all. Usually she keeps this power to herself, as most people don't like the answers. Once again, the only exception to this power is herself.

She also has a quiver of love and hate arrows. They come from her job as a cupid. The love arrows do exactly what they sound like. The hate arrows aren't really as intense as they sound. They're more like apathy arrows. They're basically to break up people who are in a bad situation or, more often, to undo if a certain cupid-in-training missed when firing a love arrow.

The cupids have very strict rules, however, not to shoot people when the feeling isn't already mutual (the couples generally just aren't brave enough to start anything; the arrows help.) Ciocci is able to bend the rules slightly. She'll shoot people as long as she knows they'll end happily, even if she knows they won't end together. And she WON'T shoot people who won't end happy, even if she knows they both like each other.
How did they get said magic?: Born with the empathy and precog; the arrows are from her job.
Bonus! What animal would they be?: Some sort of labrador or retriever

>>What kind of ___ do they like?
Music: Classical
Movies: Rom coms~~~
Books: Fantasy, PG-13 Romances
Games: Outdoor-with-friends type (hide and seek, oshka, so on)
Room Temperature: 75 degrees
Surroundings (Clean/Don't care/Sloppy): She mostly doesn't care. She's fairly neat, but because of her brother's... exuberant chocolate making abilities, she's gotten used to a messy house.
>>Favorite Things:
Color: Red
Food: Chocolate <3
Animal: Dogs
Instrument: Violin
Element: Fire
Subject in School: English
Moment in Life: Her baby brother being born
>>Least Favorite Things:
Color: Dirty yellow
Food: Grapefruits
Animal: snakes!
Instrument: A poorly played one.
Element: Ice
Subject in School: Mathhhhh
Moment in Life: Any time she was being bullied

>>How good are they with…:
Random Trivia: Not great
Puzzles: Decent
Chemistry: Okay
Botany: Excellent
Math: Baaaaaaaaaad : (
English: Good
Geography: Okay
Politics/Law: Er...
Economy/Accounting: Nope.avi
Cooking: Excellent
Sewing: Good
Mechanics: Okay-ish
Mythology: Good
Fine Arts: Really good
Reading: 12th grade level
Planning Ahead: Okay
Will they make the first move?: Not likely, but mayyyybe, if it's already basically happening
Gentlemanly/Lady-like or Clumsy/Nervous?: She'd try to be lady-like, but she's a klutz.
Go slow/Jump into?: Go slow~
True Love vs Testing lots of people: She knows for a fact true love exists, she also knows that it's not the only way to end happy.
Are they protective?: Yes.
Act like friends or lovers?: Loversss
Are they romantic?: YES. Just YES
Do they get jealous easily?: A bit. I mean, she KNOWS you're hitting on the girl. She can literally FEEL it.
Dream Date: Anything romantic, really. The more forethought, the better.
What kind of gift-giver are they?: All the giftssssss :K. Mostly sweets, though
Type of Kisser: Slow, passionate
Do they want to marry?: Yesssssssssss
Do they want kids?: Yes!!!

>>> Bonus! What role would they play if they were in a ____ Movie?:
Romance: The ~love~ interest
Action: The mildly useless one that keeps everyone's morale up
Cartoon: The best friend
Horror: The pure/innocent one that makes it through because of other's sacrifices.
Tear Jerker: The one who finds the PERFECT PERSON FOR THEM and gets a week of happiness and then they die in a horrible car crash.
Marvel/DC Superhero: The love interest
Disney Princess: Cinderella
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